Adam Kokesh Speech about the REVOLUTION in AMERICA (+) UPDATE: Complete Arrest video (Video Reports)

Yesterday we posted the report of well know Patriotic radio host Adam Kokesh singled out and arrested last Saturday in Philadelphia during a Smoke Down Prohibition rally. SEE: Government “Law” Thugs Kidnap Adam Kokesh at Pot Prohibition Protest(Video Report)

Below is a video of the whole arrest. (In the Blue Jacket) It’s obvious that he was singled out to be arrested. This is getting scary. Adam is a large voice in today’s patriot movement. Could it be because of his message that he was singled out? Check out the 2nd video down. We will be following THIS story and featuring more from Adam Kokesh. (Adam VS the Man). . . EDITOR

From youtube uploaded by Jay Dee

Published on May 18, 2013

Adam Kokesh getting arrested at Smoke down. Sorry about the AUDIO and VIDEO quality, my resolution was set low.

From youtube uploaded by bbcnewsgoud

Adam Kokesh Speech about the REVOLUTION in AMERICA

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