Marijuana Extract Holds Promise as Diabetes Treatment

Featured image: The list of medical uses of marijuana and its properties to date.

More and more positive uses will be added to that list now that medical researchers are being allowed to study the positive effects of the wonder plant that scared the controllers so bad that they conspired to make it illigal. Before the only legal studies of the plant allowed was research into the negativity. Problem was there was not much to report on from that angle. . . EDITOR

From News Max Friday, 19 Jul 2013 12:27 PM

The marijuana plant contains at least 60 different chemical compounds, only one of which gets a smoker high. GW Pharmaceuticals Plc (GWP) says one of the other 59 shows promise in treating Type 2 diabetes.
In a mid-stage study, an experimental drug, currently known by its candidate name GWP42004, helped improve the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin and led to a drop in blood sugar levels between meals, among other findings, according to the London-based company. GW plans to publish the results of that trial this year. . . . Read Complete Report
Why did the Controllers conspire to outlaw a plant?
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