Abolish the IRS, don’t ‘reform’ it (+) Fair Tax… explained by a 17 year old (Video presentation)

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Examiner Editorial: Abolish the IRS, don’t ‘reform’ it

JULY 11, 2013 AT 10:10 PM

“Making the IRS more customer-friendly, making its tax collection more efficient and reducing the red tape generated by its daily operation are like giving aspirin to a dying cancer patient. It may ease the pain ever so slightly for a little while, but the terminal disease keeps eating away at the patient’s body. As former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes has said, “We can’t tinker with this tax-code monstrosity or try to reform it around the edges. The only thing we can do with this hideous beast is kill it, drive a stake through its heart, bury it and hope that it never rises again to terrorize the American people.” Read Complete Report


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Fair Tax… explained by a 17 year old

Uploaded on Jul 4, 2009

17 year old Devin Scanlon gives a very clear explanation of Fair Tax at the Tea Party in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Dig DEEPER: Fair Tax.org

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