Human Robot Getting Closer: Robot Must Learn from Its Experiences (+) Professor Develops ‘Brain’ for Robots

Feartured Image: Female Robot, Actroid. CREDIT: Gnsin SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain). ILLUSTRATION ONLY.

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From Science Daily

Human Robot Getting Closer: iCub Robot Must Learn from Its Experiences

Sep. 27, 2013 — A robot that feels, sees and, in particular, thinks and learns like us. It still seems like science fiction, but if it’s up to University of Twente (UT) researcher Frank van der Velde, it won’t be. In his work he wants to implement the cognitive process of the human brain in robots. The research should lead to the arrival of the latest version of the iCub robot in Twente. This human robot (humanoid) blurs the boundaries between robot and human. . . . Read Complete Report


From Science Daily

Professor Develops ‘Brain’ for Robots

Sep. 26, 2013 — A researcher at Missouri University of Science and Technology has developed a new feedback system to remotely control mobile robots. This innovative research will allow robots to operate with minimal supervision and could eventually lead to a robot that can learn or even become autonomous. . . . Read Complete Report


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