Pro-weed candidate runs for mayor of Miami Beach

Featured Image: Southern portion of Miami Beach with downtown Miami in background.  Original description: Photo taken from helicopter ride Jan 2006. CREDIT: Miamiboyz (talk) SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain).

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Pro-weed candidate runs for mayor of Miami Beach

Published on Nov 4, 2013

Steve Berke is 32 years old, running for Mayor of Miami Beach and has started his own political party, the Afterparty. He wants to decriminalize marijuana, end police brutality, and build the SkyLink. To reach disenfranchised voters he raps and makes comedic YouTube videos. This local election has gained the attention of former US President Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson.

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Follow the Money Kickstarter Campaign

Published on Jun 18, 2013

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steveberkecomedy 1 month ago

Despite not hitting our Kickstarter goal, we are still moving forward with the making of this film! If anyone would still like to support me, please go to my website and give a little to my Miami Beach Mayoral campaign. Thanks, and much love!

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Miami Beach SkyLink (Official Music Video)


Pot Shop – Macklemore Thrift Shop PARODY

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Written and Performed by Steve Berke, featuring Sexy Sax Man, Towelie, and David King Cain with special guest Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny on twitter/Instagram)…

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