JFK anniversary: conspiracy theorists left out of Dallas commemoration

Featured image:  The former en:Texas Schoolbook Depository in Dallas Texas. CREDIT: Original uploader was Weatherdrew at en.wikipedia. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.)

From The Guardian By  in Dallas theguardian.com

The fight over who may stand in this small section of downtown Dallas on Friday has come to symbolize the decades-long friction between authorities and so-called truthers

Until this week, X marked the spots. But on Tuesday a steamroller trundled up and down the road near the building best known as the Texas school book depository, smoothing out a brand-new surface with its smart black asphalt and freshly painted straight white lines.

City workers are re-laying the street. “I guess they don’t want any special visitors to see the Xs,” said Robert Groden as he sat on the grassy knoll at a table stacked with copies of his DVD, The Case For Conspiracy. . . . Read Complete Report

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