“THEI presents Unraveling the Secrets” PSN-radio program is gearing up

PRESS Release


When the current hosts of  “Unraveling the Secrets” radio show broadcasting over psn-radio.com ,  my good friends Wm. Michael (Mike) Mott and Tim Swartz, hear that I was knocking around new ideas about starting  a new radio show they both agreed to turn Unraveling . . . back over to me.  They not only agreed, but insisted.  Thank’s guys that meant a lot.

But Mike and Tim are not riding off into the sunset. They will be moving to another time slot on PSN-RADIO with a totally NEW show. Good luck to them.    

I have begin to put together a format for the next installment of “Unraveling the Secrets” that will be fast and informative. We have also decided to intersect the new show with classic “Unraveling the Secrets” interviews from my first shows.  All in all, with an Angel’s help (inside joke) I think I’ll come up with some enjoyable and informative shows. . . EDITOR

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