A Chart of some of the Wildest Conspiracy Theories that actually turned out to be TRUE!

from The Blaze 

conspiracy-theories crop

 Images: Cropped from Conspiracy Theories chart. SOURCE: Criminal Justice Degree Hub. (Fair Use)

Have you heard about the United States government’s top-secret heart attack gun? Did you know the Federal Bureau of Investigation poisoned alcohol during prohibition? Was the government thinking about developing a super-secret “gay bomb”?

Chances are you’re familiar with at least one of the above questions. If you are, you also probably know that most of what you’ve heard is nonsense.

However, as noted in the following chart from Criminal Justice Degree Hub, a site dedicated to law education, there is a small kernel of truth to be found in many of the more popular conspiracy theories from the 20th century. . . . Read Complete Report and check out chart

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “Conspiracy Boogie”.

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