Colorado Rocky Mountain High LEGALLY!

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First ever Washington / Colorado Legal Marijuana Commercial

Published on Feb 24, 2013

This channel is here to be a easy to use resource for marijuana entertainment. Counter Culture News bringing you up to date information on Cannabis Culture, Stupid Celebrities, video games, etc.. To the HowToGrowGuide teaching you a simple and cheap way to grow medical grade cannabis using Deep water culture hydroponics. (DWC)

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2014 Marks Colorado’s First Day of Legal Marijuana Sales | NewsLook

Published on Jan 1, 2014

Video is uploaded from other videos in come here January 1, 2014 marks the first day of legal marijuana sales in Colorado.

From youtube uploaded by TheGuardian on Dec 31, 2013

Shops in Colorado start stocking shelves with marijuana

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First Day Legal Recreational Marijuana In Colorado

Published on Jan 1, 2014

Today January 1st. 2014, People came here even from Australia and Japan to get their legal marijuana. Here is a view at one of the dispensaries that was previously just selling to medical patients but is now licensed to sell to the public over the age 21.

From youtube uploaded by SunshineTV on Jan 2, 2014

Colorado Marijuana For Sale : Long Queues at World’s First State-Approved Marijuana Store

In Celebration

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Weed Songs: Cab Calloway – Reefer Man (Tom & Jerry)

From youtube uploaded by heavymetalprophecy

Cab Calloway-“Smoking Reefers” unreleased (banned) ?

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Betty Boop – 1931 Minnie The Moocher



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