Two and a Half Years Later, Expected Dire Results Absent

In June, 2012, Indiana became the first U.S. state to specifically allow homeowners to use force, even deadly force, against police officers or other public servants during illegal acts commissions by those public servants, according to the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys in Washington, which represents and supports prosecutors.

Then, this past week, the Indiana Senate passed a bill legallizing hemp production in the State, despite Federal law to the contrary.

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Regarding the homeowners’ rights bill, Mark Niquette, writing for Bloomburg, leaned towards the left, or, more accurately, any direction away from the National Rifle Association who supported the bill.

OffTheGridNews offered some of the most balanced reporting near the time that bill was signed.

Turns out, the same Indana State Senator, Richard Young, authored both bills. From the Indiana General Assembly Digest:

Senate Bill 357

Authored by: Sen. Richard Young Sen. Carlin Yoder

Industrial hemp. Subject to federal approval, authorizes the state seed commissioner to license the cultivation and production of industrial hemp. Establishes requirements to obtain a license. Authorizes inspections by the state police and audits by the state seed commissioner. Provides that in addition to any other liability or penalty, the state seed commissioner may revoke or refuse to renew a license and may impose a civil penalty. Requires the state seed commissioner to apply for necessary permissions, waivers, or other form of legal status by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency or other appropriate federal agency that is necessary to implement the law. Makes a conforming amendment to the definition of “marijuana”.

This bill, in effect, directs the State of Indiana Seed Commissioner to take on the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency over whether hemp is a drug. That is a good thing.

Let’s hope State Senator Young’s track record continues.

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