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Companies Have Begun Implanting Microchips in Workers – tech and science

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Published on Apr 5, 2017

Today’s Alternative News Channel – Companies Have Begun Implanting Microchips in Workers

The Associated Press reported Monday that companies there have begun implanting microchips in their employees, marking the first time the practice has been used on a broad scale.

“What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter,” AP reports. “The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.”

Epicenter, home to more than 100 companies and about 2,000 workers, began offering the implants in January of 2015. Now, about 150 workers have been chipped.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is convenience,” Patrick Mesterson, Epicenter co-founder, told AP.

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