THEI Eyeballs: CIA Financed Palantir and their computer “predictive policing tool”

Case study of LAPD and Palantir’s predictive policing tool: same corruption; new, empirical respectability

Source: Boing Boing / Cory Doctorow / 10:13 am Fri Sep 8, 2017

UT Austin sociologist Sarah Brayne spent 2.5 years conducting field research with the LAPD as they rolled out Predpol, a software tool that is supposed to direct police to places where crime is likely to occur, but which has been shown to send cops out to overpolice brown and poor people at the expense of actual crimefighting.

Brayne observed and interviewed more than 75 cops to get a picture of how the job of policing is changed by big data-based “predictive” tools. She found that the tools changed police from a law-enforcement agency to an intelligence agency, concerned more with surveilling people who had not committed a crime than to interdicting or solving crimes in the world. . . . Read Complete Report

The LAPD propaganda about the program

Palantir at the Los Angeles Police Department

Published on Jan 25, 2013

Palantir: Welcome and Introduction

Published on Jul 15, 2013

Introduction by CEO of Palantir Dr. Alexander Karp Welcome by Vanessa Hood, Forward Deployed Engineer, Palant

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GovCon7: Introduction to Palantir


Published on Nov 2, 2011

‘Big Data’: Bilderberg Firm Palantir Works for NSA Spy Agenda

Published on Jun 9, 2013… The age of “big data” is reluctantly upon us, and it affects almost everything, as Bilderberg’s 2013 talking point suggests. Their secretive closed door discussion on massive stores of data, collected from the biggest portals on the Internet and analyzed in the pursuit of NSA objectives, is being led by Dr. Alexander Karp, the co-founder of Palantir Technologies.… Read Complete Description at YouTube.

Palantir: CIA-Funded Kudzu of Silicon Valley

The Alex Jones Channel

Published on Jan 12, 2016

Research 93 Society – CIA Palantir Peter Thiel D-Wave Quantum Computer

Published on Aug 7, 2017

Research 93 Society – Establish connection 93 Society CIA In-Q-Tel Peter Thiel Palantir D-Wave Quantum Computers Mind Meld AI Bot

How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Fearless, Adversarial Journalism – Spoken Edition: How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World // The Intercept produces fearless, adversarial journalism, covering stories the mainstream media misses on national security, politics, criminal justice, technology, surveillance, privacy, and human rights. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It’s perfect for times when you can’t read – while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at

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