Obama promises jobs will return. . . the question is jobs for whom?

It is my belief that the Controllers will convert from human labor to robot labor in the not -to-distant-future.  Here is a company that will sell you a worker robot, either new or old. Check here first for all your robot needs. Also lots of robot info on this page. Get educated.

And what of us humans? First will come population control and for those left . . . think horror movie. . . editor

from Robot Worx.com

Three Automation Advantages That Can Save Your Company

In an economy where factories are closing, jobs are being outsourced, and companies are struggling to stay afloat, any advantage that can be gained from a new process needs to be considered. Industrial automation and the use of industrial robots provide three key advantages that help industrial companies stay in business and be competitive.

Increased Productivity and Lean Manufacturing – Industrial robots and robotic systems work at a pace set by the user. If production needs sped up, the user simply programs the robots to work faster. Similarly, if production needs to be slowed down, the robot can accommodate. This variability in production speeds leads to a leaner manufacturing environment. If the market calls for it, industrial robots can work for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They do not get tired, do not need breaks, and do not require sick or vacation leave. . . .  Read complete report

Quick Tip: Factory Automation


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      Hi Stefani,
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      (1) Obama promises jobs will return . . . the question is jobs for whom?

      There were three links to your site imbed in the text I included from another source. I have removed them. In the future I will be very careful to not include links to robots.com unless it falls solidly into “fair use.”, which by the way the links to your site was covered by.

      (2) Mysterious Booms Return To Clintonville – And They’re Louder

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      This link leads me back to article (1).

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      This also links to (1)

      (5) Floating robots use GPS-enabled smartphones to track water flow (w/video)


      While this is a Robotics post I could find no links to your site.

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      In the future I will be very careful to not include links to robots.com in our Robotics Archive unless it falls solidly into “fair use”, which, by the way, the links you requested be removed were covered by. Nonetheless, as per your request they are gone.

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