8 of the Most Unusual Tunnels in the World (w/ video)

Photo: The Tower Building, Osaka, Japan CREDIT Théo La Photo’s photostream SOURCE

from The World of Geography

The tunnels are mostly human creations that commonly pass through the mountains and hills. But there are tunnels that have a very unusual purpose, appearance or location. This is a list of tunnels that you can not see often, because they are rare or unique. That is why, some of them have become very popular tourist attractions.
One of the most curious building in Japan is the Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan. This building is the result of an unusual compromise between the land owner and the Japanese government. The 5th, 6th and 7th floors of this 16-story office building is occupied by an express highway – passing right through the building. On the building’s floor information board on the ground floor, the tenants for the three floors are listed as the Hanshin Expressway. . . . Read Complete Report W/ lots of cool photos
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