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The CIA Exposes the Truth About Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy!

from youtube

USE COMMON SENSE. Every other candidate supports NDAA and wants’ the power to be able to kill you without question. Ron Paul does not and has been exposing this type of freedom stealing corruption for over 2 centuries and the People are just now starting to listen and wake up.

It’s amazing & refreshing to see how true & honest Ron Paul speaks. . .

Most of the Republican candidates running for President in 2012 are “flip-flippers”, in other words they change their mind or position on the issues to fit the popular “politically correctness” of the moment. Not Ron Paul. He is the most consistent man on the podium. Dr. Paul’s Controller contenders, the main stream press, and the Republican/Democratic cartel just wish he would go away.  Here is an interview from Ron Paul’s 1988 bid for the Presidency when he ran under the Libertarian banner.  Unlike Romney & Gingrich, Dr. Paul’s POSITIONS on the issues have NEVER changed. . . . EDITOR