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Retro Classic: The Odd Exploits of Admiral Byrd and The Secret Land – Full film

This is a good intro article into the subject of Admiral Byrd’s mysterious exploits.  I disagree with some of this report and my own research does not support some of the claims, but its a good place to start.

Just remember. As with anything you read or see, either here or somewhere else; Do your own research, then decide.  Be sure and read what I found out through research about the phoney diary, The Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd, Fact or Fiction?  A lot of hollowearthers still think it is the real thing. At the bottom of this post you can GO DEEPER and read all of my Research Reports on Admiral Byrd. . . EDITOR

The Odd Exploits of Admiral Byrd

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Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, historic American icon famous for his explorations of the Earth’s polar extremities, was widely regarded during his lifetime as a pioneer and hero. A decorated naval officer, Byrd even received the Medal of Honor in 1926 for his alleged flight to the North Pole (though the legitimacy of this claim was later disputed by a number of researchers). However, in spite of the scientific and historic merit of Byrd’s achievements, there are less widely-publicized theories which suggest Byrd was onto something that went far deeper than his exploration of the surface world.

The fringe beliefs associated with Admiral Byrd’s exploits spin off in a variety of strange directions, all of which seem to belong more in the realm of science fiction than historic fact. For example, some accounts have claimed the famous explorer, while visiting the polar regions, actually discovered entrances to a vast Hollow Earth, in which lost civilizations with advanced UFO flying craft existed. One book dealing with this notion,  . . . Read Complete Report


The Secret Land – Full film

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The United States Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines in Antartica. (1947)

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