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US soldier alive in Vietnam 44 years after being declared MIA

Featured Image: Flag of the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia – an American non-profit organization that is concerned with the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. SOURCE Wikipedia (Public Domain). 

This story should be Number 1 in every news source in the nation but it’s not.  Why? During the aftermath of the Vietnam war the government swore up and down that there were NO US military members left behind, therefore there if were no POW’s and most of the press went along with the lie.

Do you Understand now why this groundbreaking information about one of our militqary who WAS left behind 44 years ago and still survives is not fit for MSM? . . . EDITOR

From Digital Journal By Brett Wilkins Apr 30, 2013 in World

A US Army Green Beret captured during the Vietnam War 44 years ago has reportedly been found living in a remote Vietnamese village.

Sgt. John Hartley Robertson was on a secret mission, flying without identification in a helicopter over Laos when he was shot down on May 20, 1968. A search and rescue mission was impossible and the Alabama native was declared ‘missing in action.’ Presumed dead, Robertson was officially listed as killed in action in 1976. Later, his name joined the more than 58,000 other names of US service members killed in action carved into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, DC. . . . Read Complete Report