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The CDC & The UN Are Forced to Overtly Admit ‘Ebola Is Airborne’

Featured Image: Ebola Falls. by David Dees

youtube by DAHBOO77

Published on Oct 6, 2014


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Research Shows That Ebola Is Airborne And Capable Of Cross Species Transmission

Featured Image: Thanks to David Dees

From youtube  by Charles Walton Published on Aug 2, 2014

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THEI Selected Short Subject: Fire Road Trucker (Video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Truck goes airborne and explodes on highway

Published on Aug 5, 2013

Courtesy Benny Wright YouTube channel

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Airborne laser reveals hidden city in Cambodia (W/Video)

Photo: Angkor Wat, Cambodia; the front side of the main complex, photographed in the late afternoon. CREDIT:  Bjørn Christian Tørrissen SOURCE Wikipedia (GNU Free Documentation License). (Public Domain).

From Science Daily  Monday Jun 17, 2013   |    Kristen Gelineau for The Associated Press

Credit: The Associated Press

 Airborne laser spots ancient city complex of roads, canals hidden under dense Cambodian forest
SYDNEY (AP) — Airborne laser technology has uncovered a network of roadways and canals, illustrating a bustling ancient city linking Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat temple complex.The discovery was announced late Monday in a peer-reviewed paper released early by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The laser scanning revealed a previously undocumented formally planned urban landscape integrating the 1,200-year-old temples. . . . Read Complete Report
Lost Alien City Found With Laser Technology | Angkor Wat | Cambodia | 2013
Published on Jun 18, 2013

Airborne laser technology has uncovered a network of roads and canals, illustrating the remains of a bustling ancient city linking Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat temples complex.