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Who Installed “This Object” At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

from Message to Eagle

19 April, 2012

MessageToEagle.com – Our oceans are full of secrets, and this is one of them.

Deep beneath the waters we find ruins of ancient lost civilizations, wreckage of old ships and planes, and sometimes we come across very strange, unidentified objects.

Looking at this odd construction, one has to ask – Who installed this object at the bottom of the ocean?

This construction was video-recorded by Olympic Challenger, a ROV Support Vessel on 11 September 2010.

It’s an unknown object which appears to have been installed on the ocean floor, rather than being a piece of wreckage from Deepwater Horizon. . . . Read Complete report w/ photos & Video

The ROV Vessel quickly rose and sped away after coming upon this construction or object.