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Complex Thinking Behind the Bow and Arrow (w/video)

Photo: Tibetan horse solder target practicing with his bow. Drawing from the 1930s.  CREDIT Stanley L. Wood  Source

The  illustration comes from a “must read” site for anyone interested in the world-wide history of the bow and arrow. Lots of articles and photos. Highly recommended ATARN Newsletters. . . . EDITOR

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (June 25, 2012) — University of Tübingen and South African researchers have revealed sophisticated design and technology developed by early humans.

The bow and arrow have long been regarded as a possible indicator of culture in prehistoric times. Bows and arrows appear to have been in use for some 64,000 years, given evidence from South Africa. Until recently, their significance in human cognitive ability was unclear. Now two researchers have been able to decode the conceptual foundations of the bow and arrow. The results of the study, by Miriam Haidle of the Heidelberg Academy’s ROCEEH project (sponsored by the Senckenberg Research Institute) and the University of Tübingen and Marlize Lombard of the University of Johannesburg, appear in the latest edition of the Cambridge Archaeological Journal . . . Read Complete Report

Byron Ferguson’s Incredible Archery Shots – Opening Coke Bottle

from youtube

Uploaded by on Jan 29, 2007

Longbow legend and trick shot master, Bryon Ferguson, shows a creative way to have a drink by shooting the cap off of a Coca-Cola glass bottle. For more archery videos visit: http://www.outdoorlife.com/