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Retro: Monkey’s brain controls robot arm (video)

From monkeys to humans to tin-men?

Here is another report to add to our “Robots into Humans” Research archives.  Sometimes I have to make sure I’m awake when I study my research on this subject. It’s moving in leaps and bounds.

My preliminary investigation indicates that the Controllers are very interested in the progress of creating robots who take on the abilities of humans. After all they’ll need somebody to pick the melons. . . . EDITOR

from BBC News

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The monkeys were able to use the robot arm to feed themselves treats

Monkeys have been able to control robotic limbs using only their thoughts, scientists report.

The animals were able to feed themselves using prosthetic arms, which were controlled by brain activity.

Small probes, the width of a human hair, were inserted into the monkeys’ primary motor cortex – the region of the brain that controls movement.

Writing in Nature journal, the authors said their work could eventually help amputees and people who are paralyzed.

Lead researcher Dr Andrew Schwartz, who is based at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said: “We are beginning to understand how the brain works using brain-machine interface technology.. . . Read Complete Report

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Monkey’s brain controls robotic arm

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By hacking into a monkey’s brain researchers at Pittsburgh University have managed to make the monkey feed itself by using a robot arm.

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When do robots replace you ?

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are we headed into the robotics age and do not even realize it , are we using technology too soon before the debate , is there even a debate , should we slow down the integration of robotics into society , it would be fine if we had angels in charge and not the military machine, why is it that all robots being devoleped are for killing , will robots completely replace soldiers , do we even care that robots are for ending life instead of helping life , just some questions you should ask a friend