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By Request: Return to Conspiracy Boogie (Video)

Photo: Revernd Billy and Provitz SOURCE
COMING SOON Hollow Earth Insider youtube Page!

Of course this will be the first featured video when we get up and running. . . One night I was listening to an obscure cassette tape in my collection by Reverend Billy C. Wirtz and “Conspiracy Boogie” came on. Naturally I loved it.  I passed it along to my partner in crime Rick Osmon and suggested he work his majic and make it into a video. As you will see he did a great job on it. He sent a copy of the video to the Reverend Wirtz. His return:  Rick Osmon: RevBilly54 GREAT, GREAT JOB!!!! ANY OBJECTION IF I LINK IT TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE??? KEEP IN TOUCH. . . EDITOR

Reverend Billy C. Wirtz Official Internet Site

the Rev’s youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/RevBilly54
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