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“Gates of Hell” – Full Documentary

Featured Image: Medieval illustration of Hell in the Hortus deliciarum manuscript of Herrad of Landsberg about 1180. (Public-Domain)

youtube by .:HumbleServant:. Published on Dec 1, 2013

Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI Archive Gates of Hell

Conspiracy Theory: Satanic ILLUMINATI ? (Full Documentary)

As for the music section of this report, then again it could be that music writers and performers think using the devil and his work in their music is cool. I’m just saying. And I’m not much on “Reverse listening.” But for those of us trying to make some sense out of the big picture it’s worth watching. . EDITOR

Featured Image: Reclining Devil. CREDIT: johnny_automatic SOURCE: Open Clip Art (Public Domain).

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Meet the Devil – (video) & FREE E-book

Those of us who are into the study of the mysteries having to do with the interior of our planet will sooner or later bump into questions about HELL and  “the Devil.”  Here’s great information that will not only answer the questions we have as researchers concerning ‘ol Scratch and his hangout, but will give us the knowledge to help others understand that important aspect of the inner earth. Enjoy! . . . EDITOR

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Where Is Hell Located?

Hell is the place of punishment for the souls of the damned. Artists often depict it as a huge cavern inside the earth, but it could actually be located in another dimension or a different universe. Whatever its location, it is ruled by the Devil, who is assisted by numerous demons in administering the various punishments. . . Read Complete Report

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“This massive work on the history of evil, particularly as symbolized by the Christian devil, was written on the cusp of the 20th century by Paul Carus, who wrote such other books as ‘Buddha, the Gospel‘.

At that point in history it seemed apparent that evil would soon be eliminated by the onrushing forces of rationalism and modernism. The devil had been reduced to a literary character, always ready to make a silly bargain for a soul. This trivialized image is perpetuated to this day. Satan in the cinema is either represented as a hideous special effect or a comic, bumbling trickster. Long gone is the noble adversary of Jehovah, as portrayed in the Bible, Milton or Dante.

However, the 20th century brought total war; genocide; death camps; nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; mind control; double-speak; ecological destruction; and finally [sic] indiscriminant mass terror. Evil was back and it was unmistakable. No wonder that opinion polls in the United States show that a large proportion of the population believe in the existence of the devil.”

PRODUCTION NOTES: “First of all, before you fire off any angry letters about this book, please keep in mind that the title of the book is notWe Worship Satan‘. Secondly, the book was lavishly illustrated, and it took a lot of work to get the images compressed enough so that these pages would load effectively on the Internet. So please accept my apologies for the dinky images. In any case, I hope you enjoy this e-book, which was an extremely difficult production job. — J.B. Hare.” . . . Link

“Monkees” Lead Singer Davy Jones Dead In Florida

From CBS Miami

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
I remember watching the antics and music of “The Monkees” like it was yesterday. Hell, I grew up listening to those guys (I’m 67)… Davy was only 66.  The older you get the more people you know who pass on… ain’t that the way.
Makes me hope I might get to hear him play again in the sweet by and by, ‘less the Devil gets me first… hum, wonder if old Davy went down to the crossroads… he had the talent.  Hope he ain’t having to bust his chops with ol’ Scratch! (Just funnin’ with you Davy).
He’ll REALLY be missed! . . . EDITOR


STUART, Fla. (CBSMiami) – Davy Jones, singer for the 60′s super-group The Monkees, died Wednesday morning at Martin Memorial Hospital in Martin County, Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff’s office said it received a call from someone asking them to come to an address on Fox Road in Indiantown, Florida, after Jones complained “that he was not well and having trouble breathing,” according to a statement by spokesperson Rhonda Irons.

“At this time there do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death,” Irons said. . . . Read Complete Article

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Davy Jones: Monkees star dead at 66

The way I want to  remember him: