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5 of 10 Top Economies in the World Drop the Dollar

Photo: Piles of money. CREDIT: Talia Felix. SOURCE Public Domain Pictures

From PS Post on Tue Apr 2, 2013 23:07

The U.S Dollar is quickly losing its status as the world reserve currency. Five of the top ten economies in the world, plus a few others, no longer use the dollar as an intermediary currency for trade. This trend poses a huge risk to the dollar and the United States along with it.ZeroHedge points out today that Australia, the world’s 12th-ranked economy, has now joined a growing list of nations that have agreed to bypass the dollar in bilateral trade with China. China, ranked 2nd behind the U.S., also has similar agreements with Japan (3rd), Brazil (6th), India (9th), and Russia (10th). . . . Read Complete Reportdd395-Dollar Crash SOURCE Dees Illustrations 


Illustration: Dollar Crash. Thanx to David Dees