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The Controversy of the First Bank of the United States

from Top Secret Writers

posted by Ryan Dube on July 6th, 2012

During my trip to Philadelphia in May, one of the first places that I had to check out was the First Bank of the United States.

Certainly, part of the reason that I wanted to see it was because of the beautiful architectural detail that makes up the front of the building, but another important reason is that I wanted to see the location that symbolized one of the most significant initial Constitutional battles that the young nation of the United States had to face.

The facade – much like the idea of the centralized private banking system – is grandiose, elaborate and stunningly beautiful in its own way.

The building, though beautiful, marks a moment in the nation’s history that pitted pro-democratic, Constitutionalist Thomas Jefferson against the more imperialist-leaning, big-government-minded Alexander Hamilton. . . .Read complete Report