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Admiral Byrd and the Secret Quest for Unknown Lands Inside the Earth by Dennis Crenshaw (w/video)


Admiral Byrd and the Secret Quest for Unknown Lands inside the Earth:

A Speculative Preliminary Research Report using Known Fact

By Dennis Crenshaw

Posted March 7, 2012

I am constantly asked about my year (1995-96) of research into Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his expeditions and am now accumulating all of my research to put together a final report to be released in the near future;  In the mean time. . . .

I do have a theory about the involvement of Admiral Byrd in early 20th century Hollow Earth explorations.  I could find no positive “proof” of Admiral Byrd being involved in any such Expeditions although I do believe I have found enough supporting information to bring the possibility up to more than a 50 % chance.

I repeat: this is all just speculation of course. First let me put my “believer” foil hat on . . . yep, still fits. . . .here goes.

I do not believe that “Admiral Byrd “flew into the Hollow Earth.”

I do believe he was in charge of all operations in the secret explorations and that all of his Antarctic activities were directed towards exploring unknown lands inside the earth.  Here is the short version of my theory that fits what is actually known about his movements during the expeditions, time constrains, etc.

The Quest Begins

In 1926 following orders from his mentor and lifetime financial backer, John D. Rockefeller, Byrd made his first and only exploration flight in the northern area and found enough proof of what he was looking for 80 miles from the “north pole” to be able to turn back.  He never made it to the non-existent  “North Geological pole” because he had no need to.  What he needed to know – information regarding the measurement of the curvature of the planet – he found long before the non-existing “point” called the North Geographical Pole was reached. Because flying to “the pole” was the media spin for his activity, documents (since proven wrong) were doctored in a dis-information campaign to report “Byrd Flew to the North Pole.”

Byrd reported in and had a debriefing session with Rockefeller and other members of the Controller cartel.  They decided to concentrate their efforts in the quest for the mysteries of the poles at the southern end of our globe for a couple of reasons.  The Northern area of our planet is the most populated so therefore harder to hide movement and exploration and there is is a large land mass totally empty of permanent human occupation on which to build a permanent “home base” for operations.

So the first move in exploring “the lands beyond the poles” was the establishment in January 1929 by Richard Byrd[1] of the first of a series of base camps, all called Little America, from which operations in Antarctica would  be directed.

Byrd’s First Antarctic Expedition in 1928 and the Establishment of the first Little America base camp

The Exploration’s Mobile Base

All of the so called “flights into the hollow earth” reported in books and on Hollow Earth sites are just planted disinformation; smoke and mirrors.  Any actual exploration of new lands MUST be done by boots on the ground. The actual exploration of the secretive “lands beyond the poles” begin with Admiral Byrd’s 1939 Expedition and the delivery of the snow cruiser to Little America.  More to come.

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