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Grasshoppers Change Their Tune to Stay Tuned Over Traffic Noise (W/Video)

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 13, 2012) — Grasshoppers are having to change their song — one of the iconic sounds of summer — to make themselves heard above the din of road traffic, ecologists have discovered. The study, published in the British Ecological Society’s journal Functional Ecology, is the first to show that human-made noise affects natural insect populations.

Animals use sound to communicate for many reasons, including marking out territory, warning of predators and finding mates, and although previous research shows birds, whales and even frogs alter their calls in noisy environments, the impact of human-made noise on insects has been neglected until now. . . . Read Complete Report

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A Walt Disney Silly Symphony – The Grasshopper and the Ants

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