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Patented Gravitational Shockwave Weapons – Complete Destruction of your target

from http://www.frandeaquino.org/Gravitational%20Weapons.pdf

by Fran De Aquino
Maranhao State University, Physics Department, S.Luis/MA, Brazil.
Copyright © 2012 by Fran De Aquino. All Rights Reserved.
Detonation velocities, greater than that generated by high explosives (~10
4 m/s), can be achieved by using the
gravitational technology recently discovered. This possibility leads to the conception of powerful shockwave weapons.  Here, we show the design of a portable gravitational shockwave weapon, which can produce detonation velocities greater than 10 5 m/s, and detonation pressures greater than 10 10 N/m 2 . . . Read Complete Report