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Fish Mating Call Blamed For Loud Humming Sound In West Seattle (w Video Report)

Photo: Midshipman Fish. CREDIT Goode and Bean. SOURCE Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Right! Sounds fishy to me, like the old overused UFOs are’swamp gas’ explanation.  My questions: How long have these fish been mating in these waters and how come it hasn’t been reported before? Swamp gas, fish mating calls. Give me a break. . . .EDITOR

From CBS – Seattle

September 7, 2012 12:28 PM

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A fish mating call is being blamed for causing a loud, ominous humming sound that is keeping a portion of West Seattle residents awake at night.

Some have even reportedly been jarred from sleep by the low rumble, sometimes described as a growl, accompanying it.

But the Marine Biology program at the University of Washington may have solved the mystery of its source – the Midshipman fish. . . . Read Complete Report

from youtube

Mystery Hum in Seattle, WA — Blamed on mating Fish?! Surely, you jest?!

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Original MSM report on the mysterious sounds in Seattle, Washington: