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THEI Drive-In Memories (Double-Feature Night)

THEI Drive-In Memories (Double-Feature Night)

Featured image: “The Wild One” Movie Marlon Brando on Motorcycle 11″ X 14″ Sepia Poster SOURCE: Amazon.com

The Controllers back-in-the-day Weekend  propaganda for the masses”.  See if you can see the information the creators want us to retain in our video choices this week. . Best if watched in FULL SCREEN MODE . . .Editor

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The Wild One, 1953 – Marlon Brando


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Movie food metal band


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SWING MONKEY, SWING! Columbia Pictures, Copyright 27 September 1937. Producer Charles Mintz, story Ben Harrison, animation Manny Gould, music Joe de Nat. I have never heard of Joe de Nat but he sure had one heck of a band and I still wonder who those soloists are, especially the singer who does such an exceptional Bessie Smith emulation.
A scarce and seldom seen cartoon from 1937 with excellent hot jazz and containing caricatures of Cab Calloway, Ted Lewis and Bessie Smith.


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When Worlds Collide (1951) Trailer
Extra ~ 

2012 Predicted In 1951 Movie “When Worlds Collide” – Hidden Symbols?

Second Feature

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This is Not a Test (1962 full length science fiction/horror movie)

Published on Mar 5, 2013

A highway patrolman stops motorists on a highway after he hears news reports of a possible nuclear attack.

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Return Your Speaker Before You Leave Film!

Go a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive Drive-in Memories