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Ron Paul’s Revolution gets its own news channel (video Report)

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Published on Aug 19, 2013

Doctor Ron Paul has been the face of Libertarian politics since the 1970’s and now the former lawmaker is set to launch his own Internet based show that will broadcast his views on liberty and limited government. RT’s Meghan Lopez has more on how Ron Paul is taking the revolution online.

Ron Paul Has Won: Young People Engage With Liberty, Limited Government, Sound Money, Anti-War Principles

It gives me much pleasure to post this report.  Back when Tricky Dick ran for his re-election I became so frustrated I was looking for something to throw when a friend came to me and invited me to a meeting with a few friends who were forming a new party. The meeting was held in a guys garage in Thousand Oaks Ca and there were about 10 people there. The party they were helping to form was the Libertarian Party.  I have been a card carrying member ever since.  During that first meeting we were warned that educating the people of the Libertarian principles and the new party’s goals would be a long draw out process.  They predicted that it would probably take the Libertarian Party 200 years to become a major party. (They based that on the fact that it took the Republican Party that long).  Because of Ron Paul I believe that the 200 year figure should be shortened considerably.  The following report shows why.  Ron Paul has already won the hearts and minds of half of the young voters…. those people will be running our country someday. Congratulations Dr. Paul… you are a true American hero. . . EDITOR

from beforeitsnews.com

Ron Paul Has Won: Young People Engage With Liberty, Limited Government, Sound Money, Anti-War Principles
Steve Watson

January 12, 2012

The next generation of leaders in America are Ron Paul fans

When Congressman Ron Paul embarked on a third Presidential campaign he did so with one over riding aim – to engage the next generation of Americans and provide them with the platform to restore the principles of the Constitution. The facts show that he has overwhelmingly succeeded.

Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire saw the Congressman net almost half of all votes from people aged between 18 and 29 years old. Paul received 47 percent of young voter support, data collated by theCenter for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement shows.

“Dr. Paul’s 47 percent support from 18- to 29-year-olds was the strongest level of support for any candidate by any age group.” said CIRCLE Director Peter Levine in a press release. . . . Read Complete Report