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Arctic methane: Why the sea ice matters (Video)

from Arctic News


a new film by Envisionation.co.uk
Interviews with:
James Hansen – NASA
Natalia Shakhova – IARC
Peter Wadhams – Cambridge University, UK
David Wasdell – Apollo-Gaia Project
James Hansen: “If it begins to allow the Arctic Ocean to warm up and warm the ocean floor, then we’ll begin to release methane [from] hydrates,”  . . .
Natalia Shakhova: “The total amount of methane in the current atmosphere is about 5 Gt. The amount of carbon preserved in the form of methane in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf is ~ from hundreds to thousands Gt.” . . .
Peter Wadhams: “At the rate we’re going, it will bring us to an ice-free Arctic in about four years time.”  . . .
David Wasdell: “The warm water from the surface is now being mixed down to those areas that it never reached when the whole area was covered in sea ice. . . .  For more go to Arctic News
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Published on Nov 15, 2012

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