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Retro: Stephen Jacobson on Mind Control in America (w/Unraveling the Secrets interview)

I have studied Stephen Jacobson’s presentations since the 1990’s and have learned more on the subject from his tapes and articles than from all other sources combined. I first re-printed one of his articles in the old paper edition of THEI and have been fortunate to interview him twice on Unraveling the Secrets. One of those interviews is included below. . . EDITOR
















from Mind Control in America

 Where do YOUR thoughts come from?

The principles of mind control, hypnotic suggestion and mental programming are ancient. Modern technology allows the implementation of these age-old principles on a massive scale to influence the thinking and behavior of large numbers of people. The ultimate control is to control people without their conscious awareness.

Most people do not pay conscious attention to the things that affect them subconsciously. They do not usually know what to look for. However, when pointed to, these things can be recognized and understood.

In the book 1984, George Orwell warned that people were in danger of losing their freedom of mind without being aware of it while it was happening because of psychological, emotional and intellectual manipulation: Mind Control. . . . continue on webpage

“Unraveling the Secrets” w Stephen Jacobson