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JFK Assassination Zapruder Stabilized Motion Panorama HD plus SloMo – 50th anniversary

Featured Image: Abraham Zapruder’s Bell & Howell Zoomatic movie camera, in the collection of the US National Archives. Cropped from original image, which was an FBI exhibit during the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by antdavisonNZ

Published on May 6, 2013

(best viewed in 1080pHD) … this clip’s frames have been interpolated to playback at 30 frames per second; the SloMo portion has 4 interpolated frames for each real frame; the original film frame rate was 18fps

frame interpolation by pixel motion estimation introduces some artifacting, but smooths the motion . . . From description published with video. Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive     “JFK Assassination”      “Lone Nut Killers”

THEI Selected Short Subject: Funny airplane landing on highway (Cool video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Cockpit of the Airbus A380 – Interactive Panorama. (Click on Link for full panorama) SOURCE: Cap’n Bob. NOTE: For Illustration purposes only and for enjoyment of being in the cockpit.

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From youtube uploaded by The Lovely Baby Tiger

Published on Sep 30, 2012

Be one of the millions of people who already saw it. This was made in only 3 months! Its name is 405, a 3-minute film produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt. So funny and exciting to see the airplane landing on the highway and an old lady giving buddy the finger.

First 365 Panorama View Of Mars

from International Business Times

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Sends Back First Full-Color Panorama Of Mars

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August 30, 2012 3:48 PM EDT

NASA‘s Curiosity rover is really beginning to pay off. Since setting up its high-definition cameras, the Mars rover has been sending back amazing views of the fourth planet. Now NASA has assembled a high-quality panorama of the Martian surface, and the results are stunning.

The 360-degree view of Mars shows off Curiosity’s surroundings in Gale Crater, and gives a splendid view of Mount Sharp, the rover’s ultimate target in its mission. . . . Read Complete Report

Check out the first full-color panorama from Curiosity here.

from youtube

Mars Curiosity Rover Live Video From Martian Surface

Published on Aug 10, 2012 by 

This movie shows the first 360-degree panorama in color of the Gale Crater landing site taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover. . . . Continue post on youtube