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‘You are being tracked” — ACLU reveals mass license plate surveillance (Video Report)

Featured Image: Southern California traffic jam. SOURCE: Victor art. (Public Domain).

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Published on Jul 17, 2013

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union released a new report on how license plate reader surveillance has become the most widespread location tracking technology in the US. Usually the trackers are mounted on cop units, bridges and light poles and most commuters are unaware that their every move is being monitored. RT’s Sam Sacks explains how the technology is being used to spy on everyone.
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Archaeologists find traces of 2,500-year old chocolate

from The Telegraph

7:08AM BST 03 Aug 2012

Archaeologists say they have found traces of 2,500-year-old chocolate on a plate in the Yucatan peninsula, the first time they have found ancient chocolate residue on a plate rather than a cup, suggesting it may have been used as a condiment or sauce with solid food.

Experts have long thought cacao beans and pods were mainly used in pre-Hispanic cultures as a beverage, made either by crushing the beans and mixing them with liquids or fermenting the pulp that surrounds the beans in the pod. Such a drink was believed to have been reserved for the elite.

But the discovery announced this week by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History expands the envelope of how chocolate may have been used in ancient Mexico. . . . Read Complete Report

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The Magic of Cocoa, from harvesting to eating’ Abracadabra, Brasil

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A brief insight into the process of harvesting and preparing raw Cocoa for use as table chocolate. EarthCode work with Domingos as they learn the intricacies of preparing this delicate, luxury food.