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Our Strange World: Russia’s Got Talent Accident & Mondo Cane (It’s a Dog’s Life) FULL MOVIE

Featured Image: Mondo Cane poster CREDIT: ©-Copyright 1962 Cineriz. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Fair Use) 

youtube by Jerry Nieglowicz

Uploaded on Feb 21, 2012

Russia’s Got Talent (Fatal?) Accident:

Two guys get really dizzy and one tries to shoot a can off the others head.
More : http://nowfunnygame.com/

Claim:   Video clip shows a Russia’s Got Talent contestant accidentally shooting his partner in the head with an arrow.  True or False?


The above story reminds me of

Fall Rerun: Mondo Cane  (It’s a Dogs Life) full movie. If you missed this 1962 classic here’s a chance to see it. Better hurry before they take it down again (updated: 9/28/14) . . .EDITOR

Gun Shoots Criminals With DNA Tags, Marking Them For Later Arrest

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DNA Gun In Action. SelectaDNA’s high-velocity DNA tagging system is available in both pistol and rifle formats. CREDIT: Selectamark. SOURCE: Popular Science (Fair Use)
From Popular Science By Rebecca Boyle Posted 01.28.2013 at 3:30 pm
Gun Shoots Criminals With DNA Tags, Marking Them For Later Arrest
DNA tags label rioters and other criminals so cops can find them “at a less confrontational time for officers.”


Riots are a tough nut for law enforcement in part because of the sheer number of people involved–it’s impossible to stop and arrest every person involved in a skirmish. That’s why cops have some pretty high-tech methods for catching suspects, from facial recognition software to debilitating sonic cannons. But none is as bizarre as this new DNA gun from a UK security firm. . . .Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by Vsauce2 Feb 4, 2013