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Retro: Huge ‘Ocean’ Discovered Inside Earth just as Jules Verne predicted

Photo: Lake inside the Reed Flute Cave. Guilan, China. CREDIT Romain Pontida, SOURCE Wikipedia

In the science fiction classic , “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne, one of the most exciting adventures experienced by his group of underground travelers is the discovery of a vast underground sea they name “The Central Sea.”  As we have stated many times most of the discoveries and inventions of Jules Verne have, over the years, proven to be fact except for Journey to the Center of the Earth,  This does not mean he was wrong, just that it hasn’t been proven yet, well one part of the story has been proven . . . Editor

from Live Science

Ker Than
Date: 28 February 2007 Time: 08:28 AM ET
Scientists scanning the deep interior of Earth have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that is at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean.

The discovery marks the first time such a large body of water has found in the planet’s deep mantle. [The World’s Biggest Oceans and Seas]

The finding, made by Michael Wysession, a seismologist at Washington University in St. Louis, and his former graduate student Jesse Lawrence, now at the University of California, San Diego, will be detailed in a forthcoming monograph to be published by the American Geophysical Union. . . . Read Complete Report