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US Senate Considers Ceding Power To U.N., Sinking U.S. Economy In One Blow (w/Video)

I happened to have been in the U.S. merchant marines when Tricky Dick Nixon passed the law that gave American shipowners the right to choose to  register their ships under foreign flags. Today there is no American merchant marine to speak of because of that one signature. Those jobs were lost following the Viet Nam war to never return.

Not only did that bill take 99% of U.S. seafarers jobs, rob our country’s coffers of tariffs and license fees but the ships hauling our stuff around the world, not being American registered, do not have to put up with the irritation of U.S. Coast Guard inspections and such. In other words many are “rust buckets” unfit to haul street weed into the United States.

I see this “treaty” as a continuation of the Controllers slowly wrestling control  of the sea lanes, coast line, and profits of the world out the hands of individual states and giving that control to the U.N. . . . just business as usual. . . EDITOR

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Thursday, June 07, 2012 6:20

Just like a horror movie series, evil-minded Soviet-era treaties just keep coming back to life, aided by their acolytes in the United States Senate.

John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and mate of the Heinz ketchup fortune, last week decided to revisit the aptly named Law of the Sea Treaty — or LOST.

This treaty was originally rejected by President Reagan, but the LOST agenda has been lurking around the corridors of the United Nations ever since.

The treaty, which was endorsed by the former Soviet Union, would reduce our military power, rob us of rights over our own coastal resources, subject U.S. actions in international waters to the authority of foreign countries and submit our country to an international taxing agency that would “redistribute” our wealth to other nations, including some of our enemies. . . . Read Complete Report w/ more videos.

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Blunt Speaks on Law of the Sea

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Rep. Blunt Speaks on Law of the Sea on the house floor