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Underwater UFO USO Sightings [Full Documentary Films]

Featured Image: Ufo pictures 30. SOURCE: DamnCoolPictures.com (Public Domain)

youtube by Aliens Moon Truth Exposed Published on Sep 12, 2014

UFO Digest By Doc Vega – 1 year 11 months ago

Wiki Leaks alleges secret war with UFOs in Antarctica

The infamous and embattled Julian Assange had made prior comments to the announced release of many of his controversial intelligence leaks that there would be UFO related materials. Such was the case recently when Wiki Leaks revealed alleged compromised Department of Defense cable communications indicating that US armed forces may be in the midst of asecret war with UFOs.

According to the sources that were revealed, there was an all out alert issued by Air Force Space Command after the emergence of a large flotilla of airborne unidentified objects from the floor of the Southern Seas of the Antarctic. This armada of unknown objects headed toward Guadalajara, Mexico. . . . Read Complete Report

Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “Underwater UFO”  “Antarctica”.

UFO Found In Baltic Sea? (VIDEO)

UFOs have been seen going into and out of the seas and bodies of water all over the world.  They have also been observed taking on water at times. So, no surprise that sooner or later someone would find  UFO wreckage underwater. And probably when it happens the condition of the craft will be in great shape due to the preservation of stuff underwater. Of course hen they bring an artifact up the air will cause most materials to deteriorate fast.

I also have a personal interest in UFOs and water.  It has to do with my belief that MOST UFOs are from earth.  Maybe from bases under Earth’s water?  We’ll pay special attention to this find as the quest continues. . . . EDITOR

from CNN

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