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Venezuela Didn’t Ask for a Florida Recount in 2000, So Why U.S. Interference in Venezuelan Vote? (Video Report)

Ghost Money going to people who kill Americans?  Calling for Voter recounts in other countrys if you don’t like who their people elect? Tongue Tied in Benghazi?   And so mistrusted by your own people that ever attack against us is believed to be planned by their own government?  You were right Obama our country needs change.  Real change, and it obviously  ain’t you! . . . EDITOR

Featured Image: flag of Venezuela. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public domain)

From youtube uploaded by democracynow

Published on May 2, 2013

“Watch the full interview with Rep. José Serrano on Democracy Now! athttp://owl.li/kDXJ8. The U.S. State Department pledged Wednesday to work with the newly elected Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, but continued its refusal to offer him formal recognition.” . . . Part of Description posted with video.