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Are Loch Ness Monster Witnesses All Just Drunk? (+)The Beast of Loch Ness (2013 Full Documentary)

Featured Image: Loch Ness Monster? Wikimedia Commons (Public-Domain)

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Are Loch Ness Monster Witnesses All Just Drunk? 

Published on Apr 15, 2013

Researchers note a large number of reports by café and hotel workers, suggesting drumming up tourism may be an impetus.

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The Beast of Loch Ness (Documentary)

Published on Mar 18, 2013

More Documentaries every day here –https://www.youtube.com/user/DocuChan… Documentary on the Loch Ness Monster – The Beast of Loch Ness lake in Scotland.

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 THEI Research Notes

Loch Ness: The Subterranean World Connection 

From: The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report Volume 1 #3 (Jan- Feb 1993)

EDITOR: Dennis Crenshaw

Subterranean Beasts?

Robert Charroux tells us in FORGOTTEN WORLDS – Scientific Secrets of the Ancients and Their Warning for Our Time (1971) that geologists know that a great underground river runs under Paris… “It flows about three thousands feet below the surface and is fed by underground water from nine parallel spurs of the Jura Mountains, hence it’s name; the Jura River.

“After passing below the Morven region of France it passes below the Morven region of Scotland, near Inverness and Loch Ness famous for it’s monster. . . . it is interesting to note that the animal hero of the Jura region in France is also a fabulous serpent: the Vouivre. Another coincidence; etymologically the name Jura means ‘Wild beast.'” (Pages 301-302).

Could it be that the famous “Nessie” is a migratory animal, using the underground river to travel between warm interior waters and the cooler waters of Loch Ness to mate or give birth to their young? . . . EDITOR



Conspiracy? Colorado Massacre Shooter James Holmes Had Accomplice Per Witnesses (Video Report)

Here We go again. Lone “nut” gunman?

John Doe #2?

A shadowy man-figure behind the fence on a grassy knoll?

It’s all become so confusing. . . EDITOR 

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Colorado Massacre Shooter James Holmes Had Accomplice Per Witnesses
By Kris Zane
Remember when the entire nation was looking for John Doe #2—the suspect that was allegedly with Timothy McVeigh when he rented the Ryder truck used in the Oklahoma City Bombing?

But then the FBI deemed John Doe #2 to be a mass hallucination, despite dozens of witnesses seeing him, despite a man being beaten to death for looking like him. . . . youtube