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THEI EXCLUSIVE Rick Osmon Interview: A Good Run for the Money (video interview)

THEI Exclusive


By Rick Osmon (Paper Jammin’)

Thursday June 7th, 2012, one day past the 68th anniversary of D Day, I had the privilege of meeting Jamie Summerlin, a man with a mission. Both Jamie and his wife are former Marines and are now working to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project (see sidebar).

The way in which they undertake this task is noteworthy. In fact, it’s amazing. They are traveling coast to coast, tweeting, posting to Facebook, and meeting the press, she and the kids in a motorhome, and he on foot. That’s right, Jamie is running coast to coast, a total of 3,400 miles, in 100 days. They will end the run in Annapolis, MD at the US Naval Academy on July 4th. But their true mission is really just starting at that point: to make sure that all needs of returning veterans are met.

We caught up with them in Montgomery, Indiana, at their mile marker 2,607.

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