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Is UFO Disclosure Near? Maybe Out of Necessity? Or is This the Beginning of the Long Rumored “Outer Space” Black Flag Attack?

With today’s technology its hard to tell truth from fiction especially when it comes to photographic or video presentation. However after following the UFO revelations closely since seeing one myself in 1962 I feel that one day we will have disclosure.  

I am sure that some of the reports in the following videos is are man made craft, phony or mislabeled.  But there is so much here I feel at least some, if not all are truly “unexplained’.  If I am right then I feel that by the mere fact that these crashes have slipped by the Controllers secret files that full disclosure could be near.  But then it could not. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Finally 100% Real UFO FBI Proof – Alive Aliens UFO Crash Filmed By Cops – Extraterrestrials Are Here

YouTube ~ Igor Kryan

Published on Mar 16, 2017

For the best results watch on big HD screen, mobile phone screen will not show all the incredible details
All these things fell on earth from space – some were stranger than the others
But UFO that fell March 7, 2017 shattered all doubts about reality of Intelligent Aliens.

Real UFO Crashes Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & Tell What Extraterrestrials Want. Ovnis.

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Antarctica Disclosure Coming!

Antarctica Disclosure Coming!
(Before It’s News) “Wednesday, February 1, 2017 1:55


In the past Antarctica was a far more dynamic place than anyone could have imagined.

Antarctica gamburtsev Mts - Ice

It’s really hard to imagine that there are mountains under the ice sheet, but what to think of the Gamburtsev Mountains a range of steep peaks that rise to 9,000 feet (3,000 meters) and stretch 750 miles (1,200 km) across the interior of the continent yet the enormous liquid lakes hidden below the ice sheet.  Read complete report w/video

Artarctica gamburtsev Mts





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Aliens And The Vatican 2013 (+) C2C: Could The Vatican Be Preparing For ET Disclosure

Featured Image: A religious statue depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary as described by Sister Lúcia of Fátima. CREDIT: Andreas Praefcke SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by ADGUKNEWS

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Episode of Unsealed, regarding the UFO cover-up and the Vatican. Watch More Episodes Here:…

From youtube uploaded by DiscloseTruthTV2

C2C: Could The Vatican Be Preparing For ET Disclosure

Published on May 15, 2013

Thomas Horn is an internationally recognized lecturer and best-selling author of several books

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The Starchild Skull: Disclosure’s Smoking Gun – Lloyd Pye (full video)


Featured Image: Starchild Skull. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Fair Use)

From youtube uploaded by openmindstv

Published on Jul 26, 2013

This is Lloyd Pye’s presentation from the 2011 International UFO Congress

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US soldier faces trial over WikiLeaks disclosures

Featured Image: Wikileak Logo.

From Space War by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) June 1, 2013

Three years after his arrest in Iraq for allegedly causing America’s worst ever national security breach, US Army private Bradley Manning finally goes on trial Monday over his disclosures to WikiLeaks.

Manning, who faces a possible 154-year jail sentence, has offered to plead guilty to several offenses but he denies prosecutors’ most serious charge — that he knowingly aided the enemy, chiefly Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden. . . . Read Complete Report


Citizens UFO Disclosure Hearings: “We Have a Space Military Force, it is in Existence” (video)

Featured Image: UFO wallpaper. SOURCE: (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by  Mike Nikolaou

Published on Apr 30, 2013.

* UFOs shutting off Nuclear Warheads * Possible message from ETs to GET RID of our nuclear weapons * Acknowledged SPACE Military Force by Senator Mike Gravel * Reasons why, the Cabal is NOT disclosing the Truth (Power and Greed)

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Stephen Basset remarks on Citizen Hearing for Disclosure (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by openmindstv

Published on May 9, 2013

We recently interviewed Stephen Bassett, organizer of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, to get his thoughts on how well he felt the event went, whether it met his expectations, and what his upcoming plans are to continue his efforts for ET disclosure.

Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure (Day 5) (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by Simeon Hein

Published on May 3, 2013

Dr. Hein describes the highlights of the final day of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of Extraterrestrials Engaging Earth at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.


5/3/13  Day 4: Citizen UFO Disclosure Hearings (Video Reports)

5/2/13 Day 3 of the Citizen UFO Disclosure Hearings (Video Reports)

5/1/13 Highlights first 2 days: Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure (videos)

5/2/13 Day 4: Citizen UFO Disclosure Hearings (Video Reports)

 5/02/13 Day 4

From youtube uploaded by CitizenHearingMedia

Canadian Documents -“It says flying saucers are real”

Published on May 2, 2013

Canadian researcher and activist Grant Cameron says the documents he has obtained from the Canadian government are undisputed and that they cut right to the point of truth. “They admit that document is legitimate. It says flying saucers are real…and the US knows”. . . . Description published with video.

From youtube uploaded by CitizenHearingMedia

“The truth was too difficult to report publicly ” Animal Mutilation & Genetic Harvest

Published on May 2, 2013

Linda Moulton Howe Testifies at the hearon on disclosure regardingg animal mutilation instances and how that relates to possible genetic harvest incidents from extra terrestrial sources. Description published with video.

UPDATE from Day 3

From youtube uploaded by openmindstv on May 3, 2013

UN UFO Effort Citizen Hearing Update May 3, 2013


5/2/13 Day 3 of the Citizen UFO Disclosure Hearings (Video Reports)

5/1/13 Highlights first 2 days: Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure (videos)

Day 3 of the Citizen UFO Disclosure Hearings (Video Reports)

From youtube uploaded by CitizenHearingMedia


Top Secret Memo: “the most highly classified subject”

Published on May 2, 2013

Grant Cameron testifies before the committee describing and reading from a Top Secret memo from the Canadian government that is certified and acknowledged adn the memo say”The subject is the most highly classified subject in the United States.” . . . Description published w/video.

From youtube uploaded by CitizenHearingMedia

Finding the Hard Evidence of UFOs and Extra Terrestrials

Published on May 1, 2013

“Dr. Robert Wood says that to help most accurately explain UFO and Extra Terrestrial phenomena, he has tried to dedicate his exploration to authenticating important (and in some cases Classified) documents that hold direct proof of incidents. Here’s Wood’s explanations of at least one major document he has studied” . . . Description published w/video

From youtube uploaded by CitizenHearingMedia

Gary Heseltine Testifies about Police and UFO Incidents

Published on May 2, 2013

Gary Heseltine Testifies about Police and UFO Incidents in England and around the globe. . . Description published w/video.

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