Is the United States Under Martial Law? (Videos)

Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees

From youtube uploaded by David Vose

MARTIAL LAW- Russians train to Disarm U.S Citizens on U.S soil

Published on Aug 21, 2013

Martial law ALERT This may be your final warning. We are under Martial law.There is a very small window open. We must rally America. Tell everyone everywhere we are under martial law.. If we cannot stop this within a short period, like by this election. We will not only have lost America, but the earth. Russian and other foreign soldiers training on U.S soil to Disarm Americans and tighten martial law. Please share this video and tell everyone you know that we are under Martial Law.

From youtube uploaded by Debunk Seeker

The term “martial law” was used on the house floor this morning

Published on Oct 7, 2013

Just happened to be watching CSPAN this morning and was surprised to hear the term “martial law” used on the house floor. Can someone please explain why the Representative from Texas used this language?

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