Uruguay’s Prez Rips Into U.N. Official Over Marijuana Law: ‘Stop Lying’ (+) Uruguay Becomes First Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana

Featured Image: Pepe Mujica President of Uruguay, CREDIT: Roosewelt Pinheiro/ABr SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil license.)

From Huffington Post   By  Posted: 12/19/2013 2:40 pm EST  |  Updated: 12/20/2013 1:57 am EST


. . . ‘The Uruguayan legislature voted this month to legalize the government-regulated sale of marijuana to registered nationals, marking a major departure from repressive drug war policies pioneered by the United States.” . . .

. . . ““This is a change so obviously sensible, squeezing out the crooks and allowing the authorities to concentrate on graver crimes, that no other country has made it,” The Economist quipped. “If others followed suit, and other narcotics were included, the damage such drugs wreak on the world would be drastically reduced.” . . . Read Complete Report

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Uruguay Becomes First Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana

Published on Dec 12, 2013

The small Latin American country of Uruguay has become the only country that allows growing and selling marijuana

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