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[Shadow Govt Sidebar] Back to The Future (The Humor of it All)

Proof. History does repeat itself. Here are a few ditties that are just as relevant today as when first released.   A BLAST from the past. Enjoy? . . . your Editor Dennis Crenshaw 



The Owners of the Country 

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George Carlin knows what’s going on. And what’s going on is your getting fu*ked.
It’s funny but deadly serious. We’ve been divided and conquered and its time to get our country back.

(Know Your Enemy) Military Industrial Complex of Death ( George Carlin: War & Penises )

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Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth 1967

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Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction

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Hudson and Landry the fate of the mightiest nation

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                        THE END

Dig a Little Deeper Shadow Government 

Paul Harvey’s Warning to AMERICA: If I were the devil (+) Bob Hudson of Hudson & Landry: Fate of the Mightiest Nation (Audio/Video)

Featured Image: A White House photo of radio personality Paul Harvey being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The photo was taken by Shealah Craighead and is cropped. The original is here. The White House caption for the photo is:

President George W. Bush presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to legendary radio personality Paul Harvey, one of 14 recipients of the 2005 Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005 in the East Room of the White House. White House photo by Shealah Craighead. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

Back in the mid 1960’s I worked as a pressman in a printing company and we had to take turns taking lunch; half the workers would man the presses while the other half took their break… The only way I agreed to take the job was if my lunch-time had included the time when the late Paul Harvey’s show was on the radio.

Then in the 1970’s I was working construction in the L.A. area. I always took my lunch break so I could listen to the incredibly funny comedy team of  “Hudson & Landry” who had a live daily call-in show. I also bought the 45 record of this essay.

Here are two cases of public warnings by radio personalities of the day warning of our country’s ultimate destruction if we kept heading in the direction we are heading. Few listened. They are  two essay’s from the past we MUST HEAR today!

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If I were the devil ~ Paul Harvey (1965)

Published on Mar 22, 2012

“If I were the devil” ~ A prophetic essay written and recorded by radio commentator Paul Harvey in 1965

Hudson & Landry SOURCE Hudson & Landry.com Fair use

Image: Hudson and Landry collection which includes the single, “The Fate of the Mightiest Nation.” Album cover. All of the great comedy of Hudson and Landry is available at their Official web site: HudsonandLandry.com 

“If you never have heard these guys you are in for a treat.” “*****”. . . EDITOR 



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Fate of the Mightiest Nation (1973)

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In a very rare b-side from 1973, Bob Hudson of Hudson & Landry talks about history; past, present, and..future..?
The only serious piece they ever recorded and the only one not written by at least one of them.

History in Perspective: The Fall of the Mightiest Nation (w/ audio)

I think all of the talk about the imminent  loss of the U.S. fiat Federal Reserve Notes as the currency of the world is just more smoke, mirrors and scare tactics. Do I believe that the dollar will one day be worth about as much as reprinted Confederate money is today? You bet your sweet bippy I do!  It’s inevitable.   I just believe that our time in history hasn’t advance that far … yet.

History does repeat itself. I found the article below on the very informative Godfather Politics site, Glenn Beck, National Decline and the Story of the Roman Empire  by. He explains our present place in the timeline of the final decline and failure of our dollars. A must read!

However, before we get to that I though I’d move a great story from the DEEPER section of THEI to the front section.  It’s “The Fate of the Mightiest Nation” by Hudson & Landry, two great comedians and talk show hosts who were very popular in L.A. during the 1970s.  I think this recording from almost 40 years go is the perfect lead-in to Mr. Bower’s report of where we stand today when it comes to the Fate of the Mightiest Nation.  If you like it please pass the URL along to your friends. . . .EDITOR

The Fate of the Mightiest Nation by Hudson & Landry (audio starts in 4 seconds) … total time 5 min 14 secs.

from Godfathers Politics

Glenn Beck, National Decline and the Story of the Roman Empire

In my last installment in this series I argued that talk show host Glenn Beck was raising legitimate concerns about the state of the nation, but that he had a history of predictions of imminent disasters which did not pan out. Why didn’t they? After all, the left really does have a strong totalitarian bent. No nation is guaranteed eternal life, let alone eternal prosperity and hegemony. And the United States is, indeed, aggressively moving in the wrong direction.So why didn’t the dollar collapse? Why is it still the reserve currency of the world? Why don’t we have hyperinflation? Why did gold stall and then fall last summer? Was there a food shortage? Nope. Widespread urban violence? Nope. Depression, stock market collapse, bond market collapse? Nope, nope and nope. Why not?Because that’s not how it works. Great nations do not suddenly lose reserve currency status or hyperinflate or collapse economically—not unless they lose a war or are destroyed by natural disasters. The archetypal decline and fall story is that of Rome. It was the eternal city, supposedly, but nevertheless its gates came crashing down and its cities were trodden over by rude barbarian feet. And all of this happened just as the great classical philosophers had warned it would. . . Read Complete Report