Robotics Startup Spotlight: Industrial Perception Building 3D Vision Guided Robots (w/video)

I started the “Robotics” department to help us keep our eyes on how fast the Robotics industry can come up with a complete, real human-replaceable robot.

Once the industry creates a “perfect” prototype robot who can pass and do everything human the Controllers (those who finance the robotics industry through “Grants”) will be able to rev up their “population control” plans which is now based on how many human slaves they will need to take care of their elitist crowd.

But I believe they are thinking that maybe they need really need no “Farmer Ants” after all. With a full staff of human robots they’ll have 24/7 workers who don’t bitch about pay, holidays, medical benefits  sick leave or even take time away from the task at hand to take a s**t, etc, etc.

Hell, the bosses can even turn off the lights in the workplace to save electricity!

Slaves will no longer be needed. To put it bluntly; you and I babe, along with the whole human race, will become obsolete. 

. . . Check out the robot in this video. Imagine yourself as a worker moving those boxes… think you can keep up? I see at least two jobs lost right there… the one throwing and the one catching. And this is just a prototype!. . EDITOR

From IEEE Spectrum


MON, JANUARY 21, 2013

Robots are rapidly learning how to make more decisions for themselves, and now more and more of them are leaving the lab and are going to work in factories, warehouses, hospitals, and offices. In a recent 60 Minutes piece, correspondent Steve Kroft describes how robots are appearing more often in different types of workplaces; in fact, many of the companies mentioned in the piece will be displaying their robotic creations this week at the Automate Show in Chicago. These companies, including the firm I’ve recently joined, Industrial Perception, Inc., or IPI, are working to make robots ready for mainstream use by America’s manufacturing and logistics facilities. . . . Read Complete Report

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