Oopa Loopa Cafe SPECIAL!!

An Oopa Loopa Cafe SPECIAL!!

An interview with James Leslie of the Midwestern Epigraphic Society about their upcoming Spring Symposium.

Speakers include Lawrence Gallant ,”Columbus was Last” He is the Assistant Editor and head of the Field Investigator program for Ancient American magazine and has lectured at many historical societies in southwest PA and previously at MES. He authored The Encyclopedia of Alternative Ancient History and the soon to be published Prehistoric Pennsylvania.

Kelly Gross, “The Mystery Codex” Kelly is Managing Consultant, Hidden Codex Properties, graduated Ohio State University BSBA in Information Systems 1985. Mr. Gross has spent years developing extensive research and analysis capability using trained staff and computer technology. He is a member of the American Institute for Conservation and is a member of the Midwestern Epigraphic Society. Mr. Gross currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Roger Sexton, “The Mystery Codex” Roger will describe the history of the unusual codex and the scientific steps taken to prove its validity.

Jon Haskell,”Mayan Evidence in North America” Jon is a video documentarian who roams the Americas for evidence of ancient habitations. He specializes in native Indiana hilltop forts. He has video documented Dana Olson’s work with Prince Madoc evidence around the Falls of the Ohio and was seen on Scott Wolter’s History2 first program. History Revealed.

Hugh & Kevin Miller, “Problems with Radiocarbon Dating” Hugh will discuss the many C-14 problems. His son Kevin will talk of dinosaur and human tracks. Paleochronology.

Mark Nickless , “Chasing the Dragons – The True History of the Piasa” Laurie will present translated material which tells why the Chinese came to America, and their route through the Great Lakes. She will also present several passages describing the Piasa and the purpose for its construction. Then Mark will follow with the specifics of Marquette’s Piasa and how it fits precisely into the Chinese record. I will also reveal why it was destroyed and remade into a phony legend of a giant man-eating bird. See their page: Amazon Books.

Rick Osmon “Tantalizing Tintagel Text” (Does an artifact recovered at Tintagel show King Arthur’s Handwriting? And if so, why is similar sigla found in Alabama?) Author of The Graves of the Golden Bear; Ancient Fortresses and Monuments of the Ohio Valley, Rick attended the US Air Force Academy, earned an Associate of Science in Laser and Electro-Optics Technology, and is the host / producer for The Oopa Loopa Cafe, a one hour daily TV show centered on pre-Columbian and early Colonial and US history.

John Ruskamp “Asiatic Echoes in North American Rock Writing” Independant Epigraphic Researcher; authored article Interpretation of North American Rock Art in ESOP volume 26. He studied two Masters and Doctorate at Loyola University, Chicago; authored recent book, Asiatic Echoes, The Identification of Chinese Pictograms in North American Rock Writing.

Dr John White, “The Ships of Burrows Cave” ” PhD in Physics, Principal Research Scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, Editor of the MES Newsletter and Journal, retired MES Symposium Director. Creator of EMSL — Earth Mother Sacred Language and an authority on Burrows Cave Artifacts.

Possible Speakers

Wayne May, founder and publisher of the Ancient American

Scott Wolter, a Minnesota forensic geologist known for his forensic analysis of concrete for the construction industry by his company, American Petrographic Services, and widely known for his new History 2 cable show America Unearthed.

An extra special bonus: The stand-alone interview with Cindy Cashdollar

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