Obama Obscures Scandal With MORE Scandal!

Of course, the timing of the release of all of these scandals could be because of Obama’s up-coming ‘birther’ court cases.  As much as he, his administration, and Obama worshipers everywhere might wish the questions surrounding his documents go away, they haven’t. And maybe THAT is the one thing they want to cloud in the sheeple’s minds. . . . EDITOR 

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. . . “Recently, the Obama administration has been mired in a sudden burst of scandals, the likes of which haven’t been seen in some time. First, there was the emergence of new evidence in the Benghazi cover-up. Then, there was the IRS scandal; involving the targeting of Conservative organizations. Now, there is yet another scandal involving the government seizing the phone records of the Associated Press.” . . .

. . .”With all of these major scandals looming–and presumably known to the President–a strategy had to be put together. With the help of the compliant media, I believe that the administration decided to leak all three major scandals at once in order to muddy the waters. It’s a classic misdirection: there are so many balls in the air at once, we have no idea where to look.” . . .
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