Designing a More Human-Like Lower Leg for Biped Robots (w/Video)

Featured Image: Wabian2R III robot. (c) Copyright Takanisha Lab. Waseda University Tokyo Jaman.  (Fair Use).

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From IEEE Spectrum By Jason Falconer Posted 

Since bipedal robots took their first steps, the majority has been designed with the same basic joint/actuator configuration in their legs. This design, based on a simplified human leg, uses just six motors (three for the hip, one for the knee, and two for the ankle), and though it proved successful, it has also shown several limitations over the last 25 years. Now researchers at the Humanoid Robotics Institute at Waseda University (the birthplace of the first real humanoid robots) have set out to reinvent the wheel, er, the leg, by developing an entirely new shank that more closely replicates human walking. . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by Plastic Pals

WABIAN-2RIII walks in place with new shank


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